Tuesday, 7 October 2008

[Nuit Blanche]

hey people,
some pics of the latest stuff i found to keep me busy, asides my current work : the 'Nuit Blanche' of this Oct 4th.
I was proposed to take part to a small performance, strange happening which melted electronic music, a real choir (the guys in the windows, called 'White Spirit Band'), light animation and video projections.
My rôle was to make a video there, and that is what it gave : lots of people, who seemed to like it...

Superstar architect!

Hi everybody !

… Here I am! Almost one year I didn’t post anything here! But I’m alive, and something new… I’m an architect… Yes, really! I’m graduated! J
So it’s time for me to give you news of everything!

In June I presented the last project of my studies… It’s a museum about bridges in Oporto, Portugal. (photo joined) I joined an explanation text below…

Yesterday, I presented this project to a contest of accessibility, and I won!!!! I’m gonna have a lot of money to visit you now! J Sooooo Happy!

Today I also choose the office I’ll work in… I changed my mind yesterday and I finally chose a small office but designing really interesting project with perfectionism and talent. It’s called NS architecture, we’re four, and it’s in Liège periphery…

I'll probably travel to Asia and South america in one year, when i'll have made some economies... I wanna visit Brice in Shangaï and I could probably find a great office in Argentina.

I miss you all, I remember all the souvenirs we got and I wanna meet you somewhere… (It’s so far from you to live in West Europe)

Maybe I should leave Belgium because the country is not at his best state at the moment. Lots of problems with economy and politic stuffs… like a real mess… Two days ago, we thought about a banking bankruptcy… But the country finally repurchased the bank J

Today Belgium is not rainy (thanks GOD J) so I’m gonna enjoy it J

See you soon I hope!

Kisses from the rainy country!

m a r i e.

Museum of Bridges in Oporto, Portugal

Oporto is the city of bridges ; these are numerous and the most famous is the « Ponte Luis » from the disciple of Gustave Eiffel.
The project is situated in front of these, at the bottom of the hill, behind the houses of the most tourist embankment of Oporto which go along the Douro river. The site is exceptional for a museum of bridges because the disproportionate scale of the « Ponte Luis » offer an interesting sight.

To install this museum, I prolong an automobile tunnel, by recovering it by a structure integrated into the project, to find a surface on which the museum is built then. For that, I use various thematics present in the site : layers climbing on the hill, prop wall, linearity, pedestrian network in three dimensions, hanging garden…

A stage of structure (wall-beams) and technical rooms is dissimulated behind the « prop » wall ; we can also find there the cafeteria-restaurant and the temporary exhibition (interactive relation with the restaurant) in the bridge direction.

The entrance and the permanent exhibition are just above, connected to a public place joining the various ways from the bottom and the top of the site.
The lengthened volume in front contains the second part of the permanent exhibition with a point of culmination towards the Luis bridge and the room about Oporto, city of bridges. The organization is based on actual crierias of museography : continuous wire (conductive wall, footbridge), visual breakthrough, fixed reference marks (patio…), nuance of spaces (large-small, open-closed…) (like the difference between the two levels of the permanent exhibition),…

The more private parts of the museum (areas of teaching, press, research and direction) are located at the back of the site and in the volume overhanging the hanging garden (social control)…