Monday, 31 March 2008

Take a look!


by artist Joshua Allen Harris.

Monday, 24 March 2008

like a mole in the whole...

hey guys. some news from me.
at the moment I'm working in an office in Big Berlin for the holidays.
it's am small one with small projects. mostly private housing and very expensive.
no website but a hugh window in Berlin Mitte. we work in a former shop!
it's great to experience the city 24hs a day. a lot of tourists are in. bunches of Swedes and Spanish.
sorry for not posting any projects. it's pretty confidential. but fun, too.
one year ago some of us went to HEL. it was almost warm, sunny and one of the last days with you guy.
all in all we managed to see each other at least one time in the last 12 months. that's a great thing!
enjoy the first days of spring and a good start in a new year. the second after Tampere. haha

Sunday, 23 March 2008

bremen town musician

Good morning and hello from Bremen airport. It's two in the morning and I can't fall asleep. This might be due to a slight nervousity before the flight but maybe I just shouldn't have taken the five green teas after the two cups of coffee in the evening. Who knows.

Thank god there is the internet with its possibility of providing the world with information that it doesn't need.

My trip here was quite a nice one. Travelling by train in Germany is expensive (there is no such thing as a student discount), but there is a weekend-ticket that lets you travel throughout Germany with a group of up to five people for 35€ only. The disadvantage: you can only use the slow trains. A trip that usually takes me 4 hours took me 10 hours last time.
Nevertheless, that's a good way of travelling for just a few euros and meeting interesting people.
Today I was really lucky, our group consisted of a bunch of really nice girls and so we decided to visit some events of the Helsinki festival as well as the Bode-museum together. Nice! After the 6-hour-journey the day ended with some short Bremen sightseeing and a lot of cake and green tea at one of the girl's place.

Now it's three in the morning, better get some sleeping soon. But the guy sleeping on the bench next to me started snoring. Heavily. Hm.

Ok people, waiting for some new posts. Good night!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

short notes from a short mind

Hello world!

Right, it's almost unbelievable but possible: You haven't heard from me for a while.
Supermarie's been busy but finally there are some good news to announce:

1. Today I passed an oral exam I kept on postponing for several YEARS. Oral exams, especially about probability measures, are not my favourite activities and, to be honest, it could have been a better result (but could also have been much worse), but at least now it's done and I'm one step closer to my (pre-) diploma.

2. Some extract of an email I received:


You will need this confirmation number and VALID ACCEPTED FORM
OF PHOTO ID(as detailed below) at check-in to receive your boarding card.

ITINERARY/RECEIPT - All times are local.


From Bremen Airport(BRE) to Tampere(TMP)
Sun, 23Mar08 Flight FR3606 Depart BRE at 06:30 and arrive TMP at 09:40

3. Marie Chérie is coming to town! These are really great news as we haven't met each other since our farewell at Helsinki Vantaa airport. Now we'll be flatmates again for a couple of days, getting drunk on the weekends and maybe keeping pets, who knows. :] I am soo much looking forward to seeing you!

Other than that... there is still a lot of work ahead during this semester break • HEL LOOKS is in Berlin but haven't been there yet (Flower?) • The Bob Dylan movie is hard to understand if you know hardly anything about him • Spring is coming to Germany and I've had exactly two days of snow this year • Our internet connection is supposed to be established in the end of May (haha! cancelled it, of course) • I started playing ultimate frisbee again... and running! • I need some new music recommendations • Almond nougat is better than hazelnut nougat • I need a bike!

Well, couldn't think of anything else happening in my life at the moment. Life's not very exciting at the moment.