Tuesday, 21 August 2007

who got the real ones?

jerusalem at the moment.

some are different, but the LSD bear is still there

Monday, 20 August 2007

3 days Off

So, we in Poland have festivals as well ;) This one was quite cool as you can see below. It's not the biggest one, cause it's not meant to be such, even though it was impossible to see all the bands and events (industrial art + streetart + architecture as planned). But for us it was possible to see as much as we could from the first row - thanks to Macias who "organised" photopasses.

Funny thing was, that we had there 2 reunions - first finnish one - Michal, Maciek, Ania and me first time altogether after Suomi. And the second one was last.fm reunion, cause Ida, Ania, Maciek, Wojtek and Michals are scrobbling high!

So scroll, scroll people!

Organiser and frontman of Myslovitz. Some of you have heard of this band ;)

electricMia of Electrelane. She had power, so one of us proposed to her.

Kasia Nosowska is a legend!
But we've been playing frisbee ;)

Bassisters Orchestra made jazz'n'rap + hot version of Because we are! And that was high!
I've got a clip for curious ones.

Architecture! Just check what does SZAŁ mean. I cannot translate my feelings. Sorry.

Dick4dick. Performance. Dicks were dancing, shouting, climbing and exploding.

Ścianka, they are taking lsd. Seriously.

sziget again

okay, okay, i know i'm late. although i couldn't reach the internet for a week i thought i will be the first. peti is never that fast :D 

so, i can ensure you that sziget isn't a naked festival, some more pictures are available on my blog to prove this (i don't want to make you scroll for ages;)
here some just for the taste of it, and to complement peti's...

Sunday, 19 August 2007


Some impressions from Jerusalem. The holiest city on Earth.
Lot of more later on.

Take a look at:

View from the Mount of Olives towards the Old Town with the Dome of Rock
Islamic Quarter
Saturday morning walk
Sabbat in Jerusalem (12am)

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

listen kids...

...when the sea is rude, be rude to the sea

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


sziget 2007 (island, music festival, 7 days)
this years special offer for the 4th day:

tickets even more expensive than last year - not the fake ones ;)
rain, rain rain - was no problem for the strange french guy
kispál és a borz (smallpaul and the badger) - still the best
nine inch nails
fröccs (a jó lovas katonának... remember?) - in a quantity never experienced before
a new photo in the hangover gallery

Berlin Buddy Bears

Part of a bunch of international Karhus hanging out in Berlin. Have a closer look, they are almost looking like you!

(For those who cannot see it properly: Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Poland, Hungary.)

Monday, 13 August 2007

*no kidding

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Yafo - Jaffa

Yesterday the whole Israeli trainee crew came to Tel Aviv. Together we visited Jaffa the oldest habour on earth. Here Jews and Muslims livin peaceful together in a kind of renovated, overpriced Disneyland. It also was Shabbat thus the streets were orphaned. Some impressions. Nothin to miss, just you fellows. I can't get rid of illusion that discovering the city with you approved discoverers would be 1000 times more impressive.
Stay like you are and you wont destroy my illusion.

In real:

Tel Aviv
St. Peter of Jaffa
Smile Like You Mean it!
Tent Hostel over the Roofs ( A Shisha after 2 years break!)

*Bonus: Jellyfish! Peterle Yellowbutterle

Thursday, 9 August 2007

We'll drink till we start to see lovely pink elephants

Yeah people.
You might think I'm only partying and drinking here. No I'm not! I'm also working, studying and sleeping.
However I have to support this impression now.

← THIS is what those of you who don't WANT to visit me this weekend will miss!

Well at first sight it just looks like the cheapest bottle of vodka.
But at second sight (or rather taste) it's even worse! It is... tadaaa... home made Fisu! (Description here, last paragraph, unfortunately in Finnish only... hehe.)

And I have to tell you... It tastes just as crappy as it is supposed to be (of course I have already checked), superperfect!
So now I hope each single one of you is jealous and I can understand it.

Oh, one more thing: I just discovered a website with Finnish jokes, unfortunately in German only. My favourite political incorrect joke about the land of cider:
What is the Swedish war flag looking like?
-White cross on white background.

Okay, some more small news will follow. Now I have to prepare the flat for two important visitors from abroad (Austria and Bavaria) who will arrive this night.


Wednesday, 8 August 2007


...that made me wonder, laugh or just reminding

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Monday, 6 August 2007


hello to all, your posts are cool! It was so good to know you tripping and enjoying while work was flooding over me; the pics and news were a real breath out of this.
Ok, things were not so terrible though as the agency already proposed me to come back after the diploma ;]
but Paris is a jungle I'm glad to leave a bit behind now (arrested three times by the police in one month, it becomes annoying).
So switched'off my brain/& jumped'in a train
here some pics of the coming weeks'program!
see ya!

Saturday, 4 August 2007

someone asked me to do a double post :)

i was homesick a few days ago :) i think people (at least me) are not homesick because they miss places, but because they miss other people...and memories were attacking in dozens.
and i was bored for 10 minutes, so i did this, without claim of completeness...

My new best friends...

...are the waves!

Tel Aviv has 14km of beaches. Actually I spent 1/4 of the last days there. Surprisingly with hundreds of Frogs. Putain!
the water is amazingly warm so that I am 'swiming' a couple of minutes in there.
Best thing you can do is a kind of body surfing. Just waiting for some really high waves and throwing yourself in. If it works you are sliding 1m above the sea level befor struggleing and drowning. Joke.
The eternal power of nature got me and my limited forces yesterday. Made something wrong, a wave got me and I was thrown to the sandy ground. The resting little wound I call now Neptune's Kiss. Hero like.
The beaches are really amazing. And absolutely safe. The life guards seem to call everyone back who's trying to escape Little France. I don't understand what they are saying but they speak the whole afternoon across the masses. At 7 pm they close the supervising with a little ceremony and strike the red flags. Shalom. It's not dangerous anymore!