Tuesday, 24 February 2009

architecture in switzerland

it is me again :) i'm trying hard to speed up yourfriends, so here you go, some pictures about our trip to switzerland.

the story is that we decided to take a little break before we get stuck in an office for ever :D we visited some friends who work in lugano and visp, and had a little bit of everything; skiing, resting and (of course) visiting some pieces of architecture. that is it for today, i have a lot to do, but i think i will tell you more probably later. until that, enjoy the photos...

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Somebody's watching me.


Going to prepare a cup of tea now.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


as some of you've already heard, i'm done with university too. so, i have a very important thing to do, to flood myfriends with images of the work i did in the last months :D probably not as interesting as winning real competitions, but this is what we have... 

so my project was a combined function of a warehouse and exhibition spaces for paintings of one of the biggest museums in budapest. the building supposed to work as a fresh and lively place instead of a regular fine art museum, so you can organize whole sorts of activities in the exp spaces, as well as letting people into the otherwise hidden depot spaces. the structure is built upon the idea that the two series of spaces bend around each other and around a central core that actually supports the whole building's mass. this contrast of functional and artistic values appear on a lot of levels, for example the materials. concrete on the inside, and a perforated, bent metal cover with a pattern of the old painting frames on the outside.

i've got some really nice critics, from architects i really respect, so yesterday was a happy day for me. hope you enjoy it too. keep up, guys, hope to see you soon...

oh, and ps, peti's going to finish on friday, so now put fingers crossed for him.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Building steam with a grain of salt

voilà voilà...
first experiments for the Garden competition of Chaumont-sur-Loire, that we won some time ago with friends. Stuf was about designing a garden, that has to be realised for the Festival, lasting from April to October. We were here building prototypes of the furniture we designed.
(looks stupid, yup. but that made us win...)
Next step is in two weeks, preparing the site and then end of March, putting the plants...
I'll try to post about it
Hope work doesn't flood you as much as it does to me, and that everything is fine under the sunshine (even in Belgium) . Drop me a line if you pass by, It'll be great to see you again!