Tuesday, 28 April 2009


the Zee Germans

If I'll hear even once any kind of taunting over polish nation, I'm going to bring this thing on a daylight. So be aware my friends.


Sunday, 26 April 2009

our new living room

the flat government (president Peter Kronavetter and vice president Adam Holicska) has accepted the new refurbishment plans for the balcony, to fulfill the needs of the forthcoming summer.

yesterday, the first phase of the long-term development has been finished, the new mobile, hanging table and the first orange colored chair is officially ready. everyone is welcome for a drink or a smoke :D

oh, the pictures were taken in the evening, we have a little trick with the light, the last two pictures reveal the magic ;)

join me, together we can overtake the control of the city...

last week we had a huge social event here, the biggest critical mass of europe (at least the organizers say :) ) it was my first time this year, usually everybody cancels in the last minutes... anyway, it is really fun to conquer back the streets from the 'car that eats our town'. we had a 12 km run around the downtown, including the erzsébet bridge (the biggest, all 6 lanes blocked) and the alagút (the tunnel next to lánchíd, on the video), with the traditional 'bike lift' at the end. if true, 30000 biker took part in this demonstration.

on the pictures from top to bottom, the tunel aka. alagút with a little traffic jam of bikes :) and the police cars closing the convoy and making some noise with all the sirens, it was really fun... the chain bridge on two pictures, the run on the andrássy út on one, and our magnificent bike-composition and the bike lift on the last two... oh, and the yards on the video...

Thursday, 9 April 2009

I'm good.

Hello my Friends.
I think I owe you some words after this long period without even a gentle noise. So basically, as all of you I guess I've been quite busy (and still am) with this theater competition, few comissions, some identity projects for friends that try to start with club, hairdresser and concept store at one spot and of course ultimate - my new love :) So, from the beginning. This Tuesday we've been to Warsaw for the announcement of the final results of The New Theater competion. I could recognise few of the most important polish architects, actors and even minister of culture at the conference. And that's all. We got honourable mention, which shoulg mean that among final 10 works, our finished as fifth (but as some of the spots have been given ex aequo prize, having honourable mention, we've finished about tenth place). Judgement of jury about on our work was saying sth like "the beauty of architecture took over reasonable functional diagram", so basically oldschool architects with 50 people under kicked ass 2 students from Łódź. But in the same time we kicked over 100 polish and european asses, so basically we're satisfied. Right now starts really big competition for The National History Museum of Poland and if it's going to be prepared as well as the theater compe
tition (and looks as it's going to be even better - Moneo, Souto de Moura, Dalnoky in the jury), if you only have a chance, participate in it. This way, maybe we can have our own contest - would be really cool. So that's almost everything about architecture, cause there's one more thing that's inside my head right now - my diploma :) Till now I know, that it should end up as common house with exhibition spaces to animate the lil' bit forgotten district. There's 2,5 month left, and I'm not sure if I'll make it, but it's gonna be fun anyway.

[my diploma plot is the emty one just in the middle]

The other thing I do besides architecture (and sometimes it even starts to take over) is ultimate. Right now we play almost 2 tournaments a month, what means leaving Łódź on Friday, going to other polish city (or Vienna, or Pilsen like this year) and coming back on Sunday night totally exhausted but always with a smile. And after some months when our team was usually closing the final stands table, sun has risen also for us - we've got historically best 4th place on the last tournament of polish championships, and finally after joining one of Warsaw teams, we've won 4th place in Vienna on one of the biggest central european ultimate tournaments. And as playing ultimate mean lots of travelling, in a week we're going to play in Warsaw (first polish outdoor tournament) and on the weekend 1-3rd of May, we're coming to Berlin, hellyeah! Springtime on grassfields of Berlin!

[the winning team from Vienna]

And the last thing I'd like to share with you, is a bit connected to the previous post on this site. Seems as we're going to have small reunion in Paris at the end of May :) I'm moving for the last workshops as a student, I guess, to Lille, for a week and afterwards to Paris, where both Maries will be waiting for me with baguettes, croissants and frogs :) And beeing in Paris, means seeing Francois, Luc and Jean Nouvel. Awesome!

Take care people, have great spring and peaceful Easter!

La la la

La la la la la la

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Love grows where my lemongrass goes

I'm your happy gardener and these ones are my babies ♥ ♥ ♥

Welcome to spring! Almost summer here!