Friday, 23 January 2009

Truskawkowe pola na zawsze. I met HIM.

Well yeah.
I'd like to comment on your posts but my speech centre is still out of order.
As michau mentiones, yeah, I met him.
Today at work (did I tell you? I'm working for Berlin television) I went to eat at the tv station's cafeteria, and uh, he was sitting at the table right next to mine.


I can tell you I almost fainted when I noticed that ROMAN POLANSKI was eating right next to me. He was eating peas and some stuff I think.
HE!!! was EATING!!! right NEXT!!! to ME!!! eating PEAS!!!

Ok ok. I told you I spoke to him.

The truth is: I tried to. As I mentioned, my speech centre shrunk to the size of a nut when he left the table and I said:

and then I tried to articulate myself properly and I said


and it worked when I tried for the third time, saying "Excuse me but is it possible I am MIXING YOU UP WITH SOMEONE"

and he answered "PROBABLY"

and that was the point I noticed he was not in the mood for any conversation.

He left and I tried to continue my meal. I must admit I wasn't able to. I had to throw it away after a while.

I wasn't able to speak proper German for the next couple of hours.

I have spoken to Roman Polanski.
Now I am waiting for my grandchildren to tell them.

Good night.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Hi everybody...

Hard to hear about your nice new year party :) Mine was not that great actually...

Anyway, I'm fine !
To answer to you question about my friend's house I'm designing... It's going well... I'm quite happy about the design we finally found! The challenge was hard to make something good-looking caus when you read the rules about urbanism in the district, the house should almost be like a house of property developer ... But we tried to make something simple and timeless... We'll let off steam with our creativity more in the inside...
So we kept the two sides of roof we had to keep for the rules and I hope we'll make all that we want in the inside :) in accordance with my friend's recommendations... The program is enormous, so a big house, with six rooms, three bathroom... You can imagine the luxury it is...

I'll try to send you soon some sketches and pictures of the quick & simple 3D we made with sketchup... We didn't have time to make a 3D with better programs... But no need actually.

What is hard here in belgium is the rules and the obtaining of building licence... Rules are messy here in Belgium... caus the people who're judging your project at the urbanism direction are lawyers, or civil servants, but never architects... So hard to make good things with the opinion of people who know nothing about architecture!

Anyway we'll do our best, my father helps me when he's got time...
I'm a bit exhausted, working at the office 5 days a week, and working on my friend's house evenings and weekends...
But the good things is that when my friend's house will be more advanced, I'm gonna get a lot of money to go to china in one year :)

If some of you are planing to come to west europe, paris or other places, I would host you in Belgium and I would try to meet you somewhere (paris? amsterdam?) caus west europe is cheaper from here, and ... because I hope I'm gonna get soon the money of the contest I won in october. It would be great to meet in Paris one day :) Nice city, I love the Pompidou library :)

Another good news, my parents decided to pay me holidays, the last they'll pay for me I guess!
So we're going together to ski in Italy...with uncle, cousins, aunt and so on... At the end of February! It's gonna be so good not to work during one week :)

Kisses from the rainy country :) Give news :)



Dear friends,
been quite busy recently, but finally coming back with some news.

First of all, great thanks to Marie for providing us shelter during New Years Eve and some unforgettable memories AGAIN ;) (Believe me, Marie even paid with her health for that. Hope your fine already!)

Thanks to Denis, for moving to Berlin for this occasion, having some good Tampere-like time.

Thanks to Mr.Curator Flower, for having superb breakfast with us. Was short, but was cool and good to see you again. Best wishes for the final (most important ;] ) months of preapartions.

I'm working quite a lot at the moment (surprise surprise, but still not as much as Luc, dammit) on some commercial commissions, own house and the very last submissions at university. After that there's only diploma waiting in front of me.
But there as some moments, like yesterday, that make you feel good and keep you going on. Okay, i'll give you a hint of what happened. Recently there's been a competiton for a new theater in Warsaw, quite important thing. It was said that sth like 160 ffices were interested (from Poland and abroad as well) and finally 120 submitted work for the first phase (who passed the first phase was among 10 teams to join the final part and fight for winning entry and huge loads of money). And we (I and my friend) passed it. We're among those 10 teams to submit final drawings until the end of march (and we already won some money ;) ).

Of course as it comes to such big competitions, only regular architectural offices can tak part, so we had to have an architect on board. And that was one of our teachers, that have seen the final design just after we've sent it :D Of course now, he'll be included in the design process, i think ;)

Hope you're doing good as well friends!

SprMarie, any new twins?
MarieCherie, how's the house design?
Adam, how's the diploma? (and what about Peti's?)
Peter, i guess that if there's already a group on fb, that means that biennale will actually happen :D
Luc, any news from you?

Saturday, 3 January 2009


Hello my dear ones,
as some of you might have heard, I spent the first few days of this new year mainly in bed since I am kind of, let's say, immobile. Just one of my feet is doing its proper job, but don't worry it sounds worse than it is, my new crutches are beautiful (aren't they??!) and I should be able to walk properly on one of the next days.
However I've had plenty of time to do something for university and I found something really cool that might show you what computational linguistics (remember? that's the thing I study) also is about, haha.
This toy is about synthetic speech which means you can enter any text (choose the language from the scrolldown menu, there's quite some large choice) either into one of the greeting card shells or here (there's a wider range of voices) and your text will be automatically spoken.
Works quite well even for more difficult words and languages!

Maybe you'd also like to play (well, shoot some bunnies that is!) with the squid alien or create your own cartoon.
Or maybe you don't find this as impressive as I do.
But I had a lot of fun with it today...

(My next task is now to find information about implementing different dialects and emotions into synthetic speech. Sounds interesting.)