Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Bring summer back - Small Sorrows, Great Songs

Just found one of the most impressive concerts of this year online (full length!): Bodi Bill on the roof of the Weekend Club. Whow. Although we only arrived after the first half of the concert it was still amazing.

Here you go! (I was standing right in front of the camera.... so try to find me!)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

it's easy to be gone, it's hard to be back

Yeah. Nothing more to say, than Thanks to the previous and present people.

Hannes is as cool as he used to be (and seems to be happy with Minna ;) and they rocked the dancefloor).
Minttu is still delicious.
Salmiakki is still possible to drink only with chocolote.
Sauna with friends, beer and lake is always superfine.
Finnish weather sucks as always.
Finns are little cute elfs (just noticed) but still give THIS noise.
Mikontalo is luxurious.
They still serve meatballs at ZIP (but i didn't have to pay now! ha!)
Hannu is still wearing black.

And i still love the country.
See you there next time.

Here, at Adrian's page you can find some more pics

Sunday, 2 November 2008


I've found some cool pics when browsing my photos from Finland recently. Cool, ha?

So, after almost 1.5 year on Tuesday I'm going back to Finland, back to Tampere. I'd really like to say I'm excited and looking forward (cause actually i do), but somehow it's strange feeling. It's quite obvious that my, and i think yours as well, stay in Finland wasn't so great only because of Finland, ruisleipa and salmiakki. It was something more. These were you, beautiful people, that i will miss so much being there. I think it's not the best time for me to go back, also with the memories, but keep in mind that some of you told me once, that you'll come, with me :P
Anyway, you should know, that when i'll be there i'll be thinking of all of you while eating meatballs, cause i couldn't find better friends...

And for those, that didn't noticed yet, finally i managed to start the webpage (exactly PAGE, cause it's only one, that you have to scroll, hehe), so if you'd like, check it out:

In about weektime expect photostream with soumi photos.

Take care beautiful people!