Monday, 20 December 2010


It's about time to sum up!

How was your 2010?
Choose a photo of your year that you like.
Now let us resurrect (thank you, Quoc!) yourfriends - log in (user name and password) and edit this post (the one I created) to add your photo – don't forget to tag it with your name and, if you want, a couple of words about it.

Looking forward to seeing yours :)

Max, Marie, Rodrigues - having a good time in a warm summer's night (photo taken by Max)
-marie süper

Carsten, Christiane, Marie, KW and Florian (not in this picture) - the last guests at a party in Wedding. That night we first met Florian and KW and had on our way home a short stop at a playground and very much fun..

-- Christiane

2008 is just after 2009 in my personal rank, but these moments from 2 years back are more than beautiful. Even more than views that we had from this roof. (Marie, Michal, Akos, Peter, Adam - if I remember well and Adam) Can't wait to see you again.



Clearly one of my best for 2010. Marie Nina Sam Fransua. The goodbye picture ending a phenomenal 48h session in Berlin. One of those pic where, as Marie said then, "everybody tries not to look tired". Well done guys !


u p l o a d e d b y q u o c


Many new nice people, and old friends that I was missing since a while ; all of this for one of the best WE of 2010 at sea side!