Sunday, 30 September 2007

1st Herzliya Biennial for Contemporary Art

as announced earlier, I was at the Biennial a week ago. Herzliya is situated some kms in the north of TLV.opened from 5pm to 11pm it has quite strange opening because it's dark then.

the curators created a very good connection between the urban space of Herzliya's centre. The Pieces and Exhibitions are situated in streets or old parking building, warehouses etc. Very ggod introduction into a scene I haven't expected here. also the adience. Berlin like and much more krasser. was'nt brave enough to shoot. but...

some black and white and colors beside:

some broadcasted documentaries about the Defence Fence and Palestinians spoilt a bit the evening.
but good to see that they show critical stuff across all art medias there.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

A Wednesday in Germany

I am passing by a kebap shop when I hear people yelling from inside. Having a look into the restaurant room, I see beer drinking men sitting in front of the tv, cheering for their team:
They are watching women's football.

What a wonderful wonderful world!

Sunday, 23 September 2007

mtv cribbs

So finally i moved to Łódź, to my real urban flat at last. When it's still warm, it's okay, but we'll see during winter ;]

And city welcomed us with a concert of Irish drummers. 20m from our flat.

I wont ride my bicycle again

shalom shlomo!
I have to admit that I'm very lucky with my working term here. every bunch of days the period is interrupted by some holidays. this Fri, Sat was Jom Kippur as I previously wrote. the none+ultra holiday for Jews. absolutely everything sleeps then and going by vehicles is prohibited.
we took the chance and rode some bikes through the kids flooded streets. it was a kind of strange atmosphere. the city that never sleeps (too) was so quiet. just little kids, skaters, boarders and pedestrians were walking in the streets and highways. like an apocalytic scene but friendly in the feeling. the switched iPod would have destroyed all this wonderful seconds of silence. therefore it slept, too. Jom Kippur lasts 25 h from Friday 5pm to Sat 6pm.
yesterdays after 8, TLV was quite the same like every Sat. Why couldn't this last forever?
Me for myself vote for some vehicle free Sundays in Germany now!

actually nothing to see. but I need to tell the dirty story behind this wonderful riding. it's israel! it can't go the normal way!
we were supposed to bring the enormous number of 7 bikes back today. fine, no problem but some of the group just locked them yesterday nite next to the store, cause they travelled today. I did not, because my feeling said that's 'too hot'.
so I decided to bring my bike back today with Paul another German. We were appointed but he didn't appear. my mobile was down and the charger in the office and that is miles away. finally I found him telling me that he lost the key for the bikes. humm. punch. but the second key will be avaible at noon and we will bring in the bikes in the afternoon. okay, office first and later the bikes... meanwhile Paul broke another key while trying to open the lock with the missing key. 2nd punch.
at work the rental guy called. the others locked the bikes to a tree and thats not allowed. some fees impending. he needs the keys I had with me. urgent of course. I decided to send them with a messenger. little roller boys that seem to be quick. from time to time the guy called me. the keys, keys. I said, the messenger is on the way.
after 2h I got very nervous and decided to drive home. and the keys still didn't arrive after 3h. finally he got it after 3.5h (est. distance 5 km). 5 of 7 bikes now are save at the shop. level 1 accomplished.
now at home I'm still waiting for the alternate key for the remaining 2 bikes next to me. I hope this nightmare will end soon and I probably will be able to enjoy the opening of the 1st Herzliya Biennial for Contempory Art * later this afternoon. Later this week will rent a car...har har.

*and if this website isn't workin. it never did. update: it works with the famous and beloved internet explorer, but not with the crappy firefox, neither the sh*tt* safari. my fault.

I enjoy my time here and still like Israel,
I enjoy my time here and still like Israel, I enjoy my time here and still like Israel, I enjoy my time here and still like Israel...

Saturday, 22 September 2007

they see faces everywhere.

oh my god
photo from Rotterdam bienale, 2007 august.
great blog you have. greetings.

ConcreteJungle dust, nor sun, nor sea here...(Michau, Peter is right, find and watch 'The return' if not done yet!! The movie is a photo gallery, you'll see ;])
Good that the Mikontalo-and-Baltic-Coast-surveyance keeps going on. How'd it go without you?!
Working like never, i'm lovin'it. City eats us. Sounds like some of you are in the same kind of boat, under a better sun.

Flower, area will be soon cleared for landing in Paris!


i promised these pictures some month ago to Adam. Banks of the Seine, South-East of Paris : the
'Disneyland of architecture'...
pieces by X'tu / Beckmann - N'Thepe / Frederic Borel /and much more

Thursday, 20 September 2007

it's useless but twinkling - i wanna have it!

in the category 'things the world probably don't need - at least not before 2045' this water is my nominee.
from 'the institute for responsible hydration' comes the vitaminwater in 8 tastes and combinations of water, vitamins, minerals and 13g sugar.
the funny thing about it, are actually the short stories printed on the label.
today I grew up and didn't get old (starring for hours on the screen).

if you thing, that this is a comercial, your not right. don't buy it, don't let your sister buy it and even don't drink it from strangers. it's just water!
...but it brightens my grey office days.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

long time expected and finally found!

Berlin, du bist so wunderbar

Just some impressions of good things and my favourite scary S-Bahn station.

The one and only.

[Just a bit of playing with my new scanner... Not too satisfied with the results yet, but it's a start.]

we could have one guest account

[10:06:55] Marie Blanke napisał(a): we could have one guest account
[10:07:03] Marie Blanke napisał(a): and nice people may write from time to time

I think it's a great idea, so i created a guest gmail account.
If you ever have a feeling like posting on our page, feel free to do this! Hope to read from all of you soon.

Just log into with this gmail account!

gmail data
name: Iam Yourguest
pass: becauseweare

autumn sea

Cause after last post i got dryness and i think some of you might got it as well - take a pill! - Baltic in September.

Monday, 17 September 2007

desert express

it's time for some dusty pictures.
with some fellows I went at the holidays (Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year) to the south of Israel. squeezed between Egypt and Jordan the wannabe Las Vegas city Eilat was the spot to reach. at the Red Sea.
we slept in a catholic hostel (hui) and continued Thu morning to the Jordan border. in Aqaba, Jordan we rented a car and headed the antique sight Petra. everything sounds so easy, doesn't it? but actually it was a mess at the beginning:
the call agent of the famous Israeli bus company messed the dates so that we had no valid tickets for the trip TLV - Eilat. after some urgent calls and detaining the bus driver we were supposed to pay again and to stand for 5h in the bus. the floor was everything but not inviting to sit down. Eilat finally was not my cup of tea. bad beaches, empty streets (New Year) and this religous wanna read the bible accommodation.
so the border crossing the next daywas an highlight. took us 1andahalf hour and some departure taxes. behind the border: Arabia! Bargaining! Taxi, Rental Car...everything. I love it. you never lose the feeling to be fooled. So my famous digusting view was cut into my face (helps bargaining).
we saw Petra slept and one night in Jordan after a dinner in a men dominated city. no girls neither in the cafes, restaurants, nor streets. our hotel was called Venus Hotel. What a name! but anyway no hot water in the pipe.
on Fri we stood some hours in the Wadi Rum, a desert in Jordan. the group prefered also to ride Camels. Peer pressure forced me to rip my ass and tought me, never again!
back in Eilat at Fri night we spend a night in the most beautiful Youth Hostel I've ever seen. Clean rooms with fresh flowers and sea view, breakfast buffet and tons of Grannies and her husbands or lovers. strange world. I missed the German Jugendherberge with the crappy cheese rolls.
At Sat we went snorkeling in the sea. which was very interesting and nice. we also found Nemo but had no time for a BBQ.
The 5h bus trip we were allowed to sit on payed seats, a fact that actually kept us away from our new favorite activity: silly sleeping people watching. but okay. no complains. we slept instead. beautiful like prince and princess.
back in town I fight for the money refund and try to rent some bikes for the next holiday, Jom Kippur. a day where Israel pretends to be dead. No shopping, eating, drinking, dancing, driving, smiling, sex and no leather on the body not even shoes.
we will see where the sox will carry us to...

some selected impressions:

autumn. empty beaches and the sparely visited Port.

the Dead Sea

Negev desert

someone messed it up? ei, ei...
l 2 r: Bernhard, Paul, Janette, Viktoria and me.

Petra is clompletely cut into the stones.

like 2000 years ago

the Wadi Rum. May you can't figure out the scale but under the tree in the left are 4 people, 5 Camels and a jeep. we climbed high to see nothin but stunning landscapes.

what's left to say is that I beg for one trip that really works from the beginning to end. but I guess this is the wrong region. I take it with humor and cry it into my pillow.

I hope some pictures of the snorkeling will follow. my cam was empty then but I try to catch some of the others.
thanks for scrolling!