Thursday, 28 June 2007

SANAA in White

A very adorable book recommendation for friends of the beloved Japanese Architecture. The Italian artist Walter Niedermayr shot some projects of K. Sejima, Ryue Nishizawa aka SANAA.
Really nice artistic pictures combined with small information about the buildings. Much more for looking than reading.
Some impressions of the pale white photographs on the puplishers page.
I bought and love this book. Maybe it's also published in your country? If not, let me know.
For €39.80 it's yours.

Nice Invention

Guys and chicks. Now you are able to 'label' your posts! Just type in the line below the text field your labels like photos, scandinavia, lybia, crap etc.
We will find in the sidebar the categories and navigate much more faster. Isn't it kuhl?
Use it and say thank you Peter!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Scandinavia Reload

Good news for good people!

As you might have noticed I have been to Paris and as the clever girl I am I took the Scandinavia photos with me.
The good news about this: Luc scanned them so now they are digitalized and waiting to be sent!
And you know who to bother with this now... (Hehe, sorry Luc!)

it's my turn now

That's how it was going till now. First of all i still haven't finished my paperwork concerning finnish period signed into my studies account. Yes, it's one month now. But i do not care since i still have a lot to do with my friends from here and there (and some work as well).
But, the first photos are from Beautiful Loosers exhibition gathering all proffs of development of street culture. Exhibition is moving from NY aroung the world now, so if you have possibility, visit it! There's lots of great photography, street logos that gave inspiration to nowadays advertisements and visual identifications. There are customised nike's !!! Some great paintings and many things i already forgot. There was polish addition to this even, called Massmix organised by my friends from Warsaw, the godfathers of polish streets (first 8 photos) One of events was free to take part, so with Ania we joined others and made some stickers which i liked a lot(without photos unfortunately). Ps. The same polish friends gathered in moved this time polish streetart exhibition to Berlin's butchery (some of my works are there ;))
And next photos are from days we had hungarian guests who i thank for great time here! The concert in huge permanent rain and incredible storm was sth amazing! Phil is not old and can run 2.5h while singing in the rain! Whoa! Lukas joined us there, and we decided to take him to Łódź, where he spent with us whole day, and came back home in the night. Now they are moving with Rita, Adam, Lena, Casey, Charlie and Lukas somewhere in Czech down the river on their canoes!
And now i'm preparing to our Ukraine exhibition which starts on Monday. Yesterday we bought 1.5 supermarket trolley of food for our expedition and still we have to gather tomorrow in Łódź to divide all the equipment which we are taking there. Nex time i will arrive with some photos ;)

1st Post! And just a photo. Because I am mostly drunk.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Rain song

a weird poem i found, from a guy you may heard about...

Rain rain rain
il pleut des cats
il pleut des dogs
il pleut des boys et des girls
il pleut des reines et des putains
des chiens savants
des chats rouquins

Rain rain rain rain
Green green green green
green frog frog green
It's raining napalm
bombs and baïonnettes
It's raining blood and death
Il flotte il flotte
tout time tout l'temps
rain rain rain rain
et pluie et pluie
Et puis love dream
mile et sunshine
de time en temps

Jacques Prévert - Rain Song

Marie will tell you, weather is shit in this big Paris!

Saturday, 23 June 2007

light traffic

random place, possibly the same.

Midsummer Beer

A couple of midsummer beers in some random city (which is, I admit, quite okay) with some random guy I picked up from the street...

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

So so

Here we go.