Thursday, 28 August 2008

Waiting for....

waiting for the new IKEA catalogue
waiting for September!

(Belongs to IKEA's advertising campaign)

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Funny, in a good way

Back from my holidays in Southern Europe... and brought some impressions.










[1]: memorial for the victims of the 56 revolution. and some tourists who need to hide anywhere possible.

[2]: Budapest streets. Budapest host.

[3]+[4]: preparations for square metre drinking of hell. the cups were completely empty some hours later and all of us were quite happy (not the day after though).

[5]: Buda and Pest from above.

[6]: not the end!

[7]: I am doing QUITE well in getting an orientation of Budapest. Quite!

[8]: Sziget 2008: one free ticket, some GREAT free bands, some cheap beer. Adam made me discover that great Hungarian band called Erik Sumo. I brought you one song to get into them. Click n enjoy (see above, "music")!

[9]: Hungarian bottle opener

Altogether... Thanks again for some wunderbare days and nights in the city of free public transport, it was so great with you! Rather sooner than later I'll be back for having breakfast on the windowsills, lunch in the park and beer on the roof. And more Pálinka. Szimpla I don't really need, we have it here although I doubted it (so sorry!) :]
Say szia to people I met and give the ticket controller a hug (I see them ANYWHERE in Berlin now although I've got a valid ticket... brrr)!

Was good, in a funny way!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


at least i’ve recieved the photos of my 3 weeks in italy
it was great and meant a lot to me, what else could i say, one of the greatest presents i’ve ever given myself

stripe1 - 2 weeks in falerone with 10 hungarian students of architecture (i would call 6 of these now friends), just painting, sleeping, drinking wine and varnelli, having nice conversations, going to bed at 4 a.m every day

stripe2 - some of the works i’ve painted there

stripe3 - 3 days of walking to assisi, finding a place for meditation, meeting brother ambroggio


- visiting one of my friends in milan, 3 lazy days without my heavy backpack at least

Sunday, 17 August 2008

what is the rude guy doin in his holidays?

he became
a DJ
a member of myspace
a guy that doesn't sleep before 4am at the weekends.
he is visting exhibitions in Berlin an trying to organise one
he layouting a book for the chair of housing design (BIG BUCKS)
he shows his ass for a sustainable future
he is waiting for a consent of the ETH Zurich to help curating the Rotterdam Architecture Biennale 2009
he is kinda taking a break from architecture and discovers the world around.

Lüc, your Diploma is great. Very senseful and  conclusive and sensitive. The topic is acually the future for architects in Europe. New, Old and sth between. 
I also like the graphic pretty much , 98% are d'accord =P
I hope will work together later in our lifes. You are the first who finished. I guess I will be the last.
Bonne chance!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


randomly, pics of Pelopponese, Athens, Santorini and Paros
3 weeks of sun, greek salad and café frappé for 16 people

Monday, 11 August 2008

i always forget the title

all welcome 16 08 2008 baranyai utca 3

Friday, 8 August 2008

[space invader]* boards!

this is just a part of the prints we displayed (it was more than 14m. long, héhé)
imagine it side by side

architects (?)

pics from our common diploma (with Samson, drummer of the band) and the messy workshop in the previous weeks...there's only one way to work,yep.
you see us on the last picture, fresh architects and unsure about this new beginning we face, but looking at life through magic glasses!
congratulations to all of you who did it too!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008



Sunday, 3 August 2008

World's best joke

Ok now! I found the best joke on EARTH and I just have to share.
Sorry for mistakes, it was translated quickly :)
Here you go (and no stupid remarks, it's SO FUNNY!):

Three men are walking through the forest when suddenly SWOOOSH a fairy appears. With her angel voice she says: "Today it's the luckiest day of your life. Each one of you can make three wishes."
The guys are happy and the first of them immediately says: "I wish I'd have a tropical island just for myself. Of course with springs and forests with animals I can hunt when I want to have some adventures, with the best and sweetest fruits there are." - wish come true.
The second one: "I'd like to have an even more beautiful island. With more animals, more springs and better fruits!" - bling, wish come true.
The third one: "I'd like my right arm to move up and down nonstop." - The fairy scratches her head but his wish is her command, so she makes that wish come true.

"So now your 2nd wish", says the fairy.
The first guy says "Ok now I'd like to have a wife. Not just ANY wife but the most beautiful wife I can imagine. Of course with big, well-shaped boobs, a beautiful face, an ass, legs.... you know what I mean." - The fairy nods and -bling - wish come true.
The second one: "I'd like to have an even MORE beautiful wife. With better boobs, legs,..." -bling, wish come true.
The third one says "Ok now I want my left arm to circle around." The fairy is a bit surprised again, but doesn't say anything and BLING makes this wish come true as well.

"Now this is your third and last wish", says the fairy.
The first one answers "I would like to have a luxory life for me and my wife: a big villa with a swimming pool, money, cars and more money than I can spend." -bling - wish come true.
The second one: "My life should even be better. More money, faster cars, a bigger house..." -bling...
The third guy says, "I want my head to nod back and forth." The fairy clears her throat but keeps her remarks and makes this wish come true as well.

Years later those three friends meet again to talk about their happy life. The first one: "Guys you won't believe how great that is. I've got the greatest house there is, don't pay taxes on anything on my island, live in unbelievable luxury, have all that I can wish for and love a wonderful woman!"
The second one just laughs and sais "Well my life is at least as good as yours. I've got an even better house, don't know where to put my money and my girl is a godess."
The third one says, his arm moving, circling and his head nodding "Guys.... somehow I think my wishes were quite bullshit."