Thursday, 28 February 2008

show ups, mean show ups

Revit of old Ramisch factory + revit of surrounding blocks, with friend.

Revit of downtown quarters in Łódź + design of particular investment modul (the 3 office buildings seen on lower viz), with friend and freundin ;)

Regional printing house with publishers offices + facilities of course ;]

As you can see the most popular words in Łódź when talking in a sphere of architecture are: restoration, revitalisation, rehabilitation, degradated and destructed. Now we're good in capping holes, hehe.

And these were main and the those worth showing reasons why sometimes i'm not responding to new posts here too ;)

Of course plans and backgrounds on a wish.

Monday, 25 February 2008

100 light bulbs

who knew that 100 bulbs can bring so much light into one’s life...

the city is full of the Men in Grey... and it seems i cannot stand, i am giving my time for them. i don’t really believe them, i don’t really believe that one day they are going to pay t back with all the interrest 

it is easy to discover beauty where there is plenty of it. the sound of the 3rd door of the bus called Flora, who has brought me home several times so far; the stillness of the city, the rytm that my legs take instead, the way sugar falls into my coffe, fumbling in a bookstore at 11 pm with someone who occupies some thousands of neural connections in my head...

i realize again and again, They are wasting my time... 

a cute black dog with surprisingly big head; we have something common... having fun in the world, what it gets for us, don’t asking for more; the movement itself is enough, the motion all around, the dance of the particles, a discovery of the nothings

the Greys make you forget how real people behave

an  icelandic movie and the company of a friend, the world’s best salad and a smile attached to the dish remind you again... remind for all those vips...

forgive my sentimentality, the best way to do so is empathy :)

Monday, 18 February 2008

holidays, düp düdü!

germany reports: mission accomplished, too!
the semester ended last monday after 3 weird 60 hours weeks.
but it was fun. i got my old strength and passion back these days.
the next days I'll post some pictures from our 'studio' and some impressions from The Netherlands where this project is situated.
let me know, if you wanna have the whole plans!
cheers from the beautiful Dresden!


newsflash! sorry for being absent so long...
finally done with all the (hard) stuff of this semester :
pics following are from the first and second step of the diploma project, that we do together with this friend next to the site model.
last step was the sketch, submitted last friday after a terrible week (flue+"charrette"), and i just dropped today this fat essay i've been wasting christmas on.

wish you all the best stuff, take care!

ps : +1competition ! Bordeaux Agora 2008 (+board)

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Does anyone know this guy?



Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The way I live

I am now officially berlinized. I am registered as a Berlin inhabitant AND we had our official flat warming party (unfortunately no photos), it was cool, it was crowded, people were great and now our flat is CLEAN.
I used this rare moment to take some photos of how I'm living, at the moment my room only, I'll probably add some more of the rest of the apartment later.

[Who's the kommandør?!]

[I'm usually studying a bit before going to sleep.]

[That's my new seat built from a mattress and tape. I'm a true architect, haha!]

[My new toy #10 000! Guess where it's from... My flatmate found it ON THE TRASHCANS behind our house. It's not the best one but it's perfectly working. Wahooo!]

[The first vinyl played on my beautiful new player. My collection isn't too big yet... but it will grow!]

[The fridge.]

[The view from my window.]

[In Berlin, the cows are still happy! For example in the front yard of the neighbour house.]

[Schöneberg is full of wise people. Sigh.]