Monday, 25 June 2007

Rain song

a weird poem i found, from a guy you may heard about...

Rain rain rain
il pleut des cats
il pleut des dogs
il pleut des boys et des girls
il pleut des reines et des putains
des chiens savants
des chats rouquins

Rain rain rain rain
Green green green green
green frog frog green
It's raining napalm
bombs and baïonnettes
It's raining blood and death
Il flotte il flotte
tout time tout l'temps
rain rain rain rain
et pluie et pluie
Et puis love dream
mile et sunshine
de time en temps

Jacques Prévert - Rain Song

Marie will tell you, weather is shit in this big Paris!


luc_ said...

also thought it was kind of an erasmus-speaking poem... not perfect english but not difficult to guess, héhé

peter b said...

it's raining napalm in Paris?

michau said...

Hehe, his name should rather be Pervert :] Nice poem.