Saturday, 8 December 2007

we are happy land fill

underground rehearsal and strawberry-bloodspill in our favourite Café cellar;
and some midnight noise and dance on the bridges of tha beautifool Paris;

(excuse the foggy pixels, i came back to use this lousy camera you know)

in an abstract parallel, we move towards a blurred horizon in a foggy school system ruled by gangstas (a kind of mob crew who kicks us out of the building every evening), whereas work is falling like rain (some courses appear in one day, very surprising)...
that is why, i finally don't think i'll be able to join this New Year gathering that is so warmly proposed, it'll be for sure a white christmas ;]

hugs to everyone!


michau said...

Wanna hear your ep!

It's a pity that we won't see each other now, but be sure, that one day we'll help you to fight back this gangstas crew!

ádám said...

joining michau, it is a pity... new years eve is keeping me alive these days, i guess you sleep only one till christmas too :)

hey, but you play bar football with beer glasses? kind of strange isn't it? :D

ptr said...

monsieur lüc,

the disappointment about your abscence is twisting into full mental energy support. fight back these kids! (actually M. Karcher is doing it)

hope we see us soon!