Saturday, 12 January 2008

so Marie, you don't have to wait no more, though i have quite few new year pictures. actually i don't know what happened to some pictures i thought i have taken :D anyway, berlin trip photo log follows, anyone who saw the pictures so far was amazed, and me too. thanks for the wonderful days and next time i really don't want to travel so far to see you ;)

ps.: i made this little trick to have some nice music for these photos, i hope you like it. if not, just 'mute'. and if you'd like to keep this habit, i can make it possible to post music as well... tell me how you feel about this.


michau said...

Sehr schick! Muy bien! Thanks for great time and see you soon!

ps. Ania went to Denmark without leaving me films from our cameras. So for pt.2 we're gonna wait a bit longer ;)

ptr said...

wow. very nice.
can't remember the shoppingcart scene? was it new year?

michau said...

Yup. I think so. :D

ádám said...

hohoho, it was.
the same thing happened with the movie about the fireworks (i can't find it) and the lighter which i don't know how got to my pocket. i hope i'm not smoking :D

hellgruen said...

Well actually I wasn't talking about New Year's photos in particular anyway :] Just about Berlin photos. I will let mine be developed and if there are some good ones among them you'll get them!
(Can't remember the shopping cart scene either... hmmm)