Friday, 27 June 2008


We've stared with small workshops.
We've started with scripting basics.
We try to learn fast.
We've got big plans.

Kristof Crolla & Monika Bilska from Zaha Hadid Architects are helping us.
If you want to see some results, check the page:

Digital Design in Architecture

At the moment these are just results few out of 9 participants of the workshops. But the idea behind it all is we're gonna start shaking the department, maybe also in Tampere, maybe also in Cottbus.
We will see.

Greets to you guys and i wish you best summer. My already started and i'm going to take full advantage of it.


ptr said...

let me know if you're in Cottbus. It's good scholl but a bad city. =P
Dresden rules!

hellgruen said...

I don't fully understand what the plan is (my days being an architect are long ago) but at least it looks beautiful :)