Thursday, 26 March 2009

nic ciekawego

Hello friends,

not much going on here hm?
I just wanted to show you the wonderful new toy the facility manager (!!!!) of our house brought me (he's a friend of mine now), I hope you're jealous, aaaaand I wanted to tell you I finally passed the exam I failed before I went to Budapest last year. Whow this feels really great.
I rewarded myself with their new album. Watch the video! It's BRILLIANT.

Ok. That's all for today. Everyone of you doing fine?


luc_ said...

sure jealous!
(is that a spacecraft?)
greets for you exam :]

hellgruen said...

IT IS!!!

Michał said...

I'm not jealous. I've got own darth vader :) Slick!

And yeah, congrats for the exam, I felt same after passing this shit law exam this year.

Yeehaw, tomorrow Vienna ultimate!