Friday, 26 June 2009

Life's strange

I've got a story for you my friends. A short story about life - how strange it is and how sudden changes it brings.

Two days ago I've spent whole day in Katowice (the nice rainy city where Phil concert was held, you remember Adam :) ) looking for a job. My point was really to find a job there, so I did my best to prepare portfolio (print it out in a nice folder and pack into selfmade cardboard box), went without any previous note and tried to reach
heads of all the offices I was applying. I didn't contact them earlier, cause I didn't want to say I'm looking for a job, as I'd finish then as one of hundreds waiting for response and I didn't send portfolio via mail either, as in my opinion personal contact would be best way to convince them to hire me.

And probably it would be like that, if I'd manage to reach at least one of the architects in charge. I didn't. After visiting one of best polish offices placed in this region od Poland (some of them been really well designed) I came back home completely exhausted and mentally wasted. I took a shower and ate supper.

Then my phone rung and it occured that in 5 minutes I've got to decide if I want and I'm able to move to London for a month to work on one of latest competitions won by office of the lady at the top. Wasn't so easy, but I said yes. I had to rearrange all my plans for the forthcoming month, some of them really important to me, but I hope everything will end up well. It has to.

So that's the story. Story about life's jokes, when you cannot find a job in your own country, and suddenly you finish on a contract in one of the best practices all over. Story about the architecture student's life, about the moment when he becomes a bitch, that's able to leave everything and within 3 days move to the other country to work his ass off for a well known boss. To get this short note to your resume, that you worked for him/her, to be still able to find a job in your own country.

But I'm curiuos. Maybe even a bit anxious.

And how's your summer?


Had a free weekend, so here come some photos:



hellgruen said...

Congratulations, that's wonder-wonder-wonderful!

ewakrm said...

Well, well, how did zaha find u ? :P

Michał said...

Wasn't exactly Zaha. I got phone from Monika.

I'm almost sure I'm not gonna see the well known lady even once.

ewakrm said...

ooooh, c'mon, but if u will.. take a photo!!! :P