Saturday, 15 August 2009

Summer of sports

100m - one of the first rounds

200m - the hero!

high jump - click here to watch in in better resolution (ok I just noticed the resolution is not much better - but well now I'll leave it like this)

my father and me - me being a fan! (the performance of the Finnish javelin throwers was quite poor though - the Norwegian guy looked better anyway!)

(Most of the photos were taken by my parents whose camera is much much better than mine.)

This was a wonderful world championship and although the stadium was quite empty especially in the beginning, the atmosphere was just amazing and we were very lucky with the weather. What an absolutely great week!


Michał said...

Hope you cheer up polish guys :)

hellgruen said...


(I already shouted POLSKAAAAAAAA once for the race walkers!)

Michał said...

These are really good championships. Damn!

hellgruen said...

Polish world record!

Michał said...

Damn, Usain even while running looks like he's stoned...