Friday, 23 November 2007

officially inaugurated!

hey ho everyone, it has been a while... unfortunately not much is happening here, but here's the proof that i'm not only working all the time :) 

yesterday the flat was declared 'ready' with a nice party, pictures following... drunk people, red wine on white floor and all the necessary details. 
the place is party-proof! :D


hellgruen said...

I can't see the red wine on the floor but now I finally believe you the hangover story.

hellgruen said...

Haha, and... watching the flat... I've got a job for you when you're coming here. Always good to have architctect friends. :]

ádám said...

well, red wine is not in the right place on the floor, we just sipped it up :D

and i have a perfect present idea! haha!

michau said...


Look architectural and cosy at the same time ;]