Monday, 26 November 2007

We hate surprises!

That's why this year I'm posting the same photo as last year and that's why I'm writing something that you should already know.

Soooo... Looks like (LOOKS LIKE I said. nothing is signed yet... huh) by the end of December, I'll already be living in the best city of the world. What a perfect combination - and the participation list of New Year in Berlin (Flower would prefer Dresden...) is already long:
* Rita + Adam
* Ania + michau
* ptr
* mayyyybe Luc (you still have to persuade him
* me!
The size of my (hopefully hopefully hopefully) new room will be 22 m², so there is space for plenty of you - who feels invited has to join!

And now for those of you who didn't understand the last post: That was Michal L. And yes he's in Brasil. But back by New Year, hehe.

See you sooooon!


michau said...

I'm in!

ptr said...

I'm in, too.
& just for the record:
Dresden is a possibility not a preference.
Who has been there before, he?

michau said...


hellgruen said...