Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The way I live

I am now officially berlinized. I am registered as a Berlin inhabitant AND we had our official flat warming party (unfortunately no photos), it was cool, it was crowded, people were great and now our flat is CLEAN.
I used this rare moment to take some photos of how I'm living, at the moment my room only, I'll probably add some more of the rest of the apartment later.

[Who's the kommandør?!]

[I'm usually studying a bit before going to sleep.]

[That's my new seat built from a mattress and tape. I'm a true architect, haha!]

[My new toy #10 000! Guess where it's from... My flatmate found it ON THE TRASHCANS behind our house. It's not the best one but it's perfectly working. Wahooo!]

[The first vinyl played on my beautiful new player. My collection isn't too big yet... but it will grow!]

[The fridge.]

[The view from my window.]

[In Berlin, the cows are still happy! For example in the front yard of the neighbour house.]

[Schöneberg is full of wise people. Sigh.]


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ho ho ho, it is tidy :D