Thursday, 13 March 2008

short notes from a short mind

Hello world!

Right, it's almost unbelievable but possible: You haven't heard from me for a while.
Supermarie's been busy but finally there are some good news to announce:

1. Today I passed an oral exam I kept on postponing for several YEARS. Oral exams, especially about probability measures, are not my favourite activities and, to be honest, it could have been a better result (but could also have been much worse), but at least now it's done and I'm one step closer to my (pre-) diploma.

2. Some extract of an email I received:


You will need this confirmation number and VALID ACCEPTED FORM
OF PHOTO ID(as detailed below) at check-in to receive your boarding card.

ITINERARY/RECEIPT - All times are local.


From Bremen Airport(BRE) to Tampere(TMP)
Sun, 23Mar08 Flight FR3606 Depart BRE at 06:30 and arrive TMP at 09:40

3. Marie Chérie is coming to town! These are really great news as we haven't met each other since our farewell at Helsinki Vantaa airport. Now we'll be flatmates again for a couple of days, getting drunk on the weekends and maybe keeping pets, who knows. :] I am soo much looking forward to seeing you!

Other than that... there is still a lot of work ahead during this semester break • HEL LOOKS is in Berlin but haven't been there yet (Flower?) • The Bob Dylan movie is hard to understand if you know hardly anything about him • Spring is coming to Germany and I've had exactly two days of snow this year • Our internet connection is supposed to be established in the end of May (haha! cancelled it, of course) • I started playing ultimate frisbee again... and running! • I need some new music recommendations • Almond nougat is better than hazelnut nougat • I need a bike!

Well, couldn't think of anything else happening in my life at the moment. Life's not very exciting at the moment.

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