Monday, 24 March 2008

like a mole in the whole...

hey guys. some news from me.
at the moment I'm working in an office in Big Berlin for the holidays.
it's am small one with small projects. mostly private housing and very expensive.
no website but a hugh window in Berlin Mitte. we work in a former shop!
it's great to experience the city 24hs a day. a lot of tourists are in. bunches of Swedes and Spanish.
sorry for not posting any projects. it's pretty confidential. but fun, too.
one year ago some of us went to HEL. it was almost warm, sunny and one of the last days with you guy.
all in all we managed to see each other at least one time in the last 12 months. that's a great thing!
enjoy the first days of spring and a good start in a new year. the second after Tampere. haha

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