Sunday, 20 July 2008

we went out for the summer

hey friends. some news from sunshine valley.
last week I finished my semester project. urban design. no that nice. I am an architect, I think! above you see a part of our atelier. it looks like a mess. our diplomers also finished last week and we had hot nights and dynamite minutes before the final submission of them. but finally everybody did it in time and we will join the presentations this week.
I don't have any p.l.a.n.s this summer. just enjoying Dresden, friends and some smaller creative work. if someone wants to join you are of course welcome!
let's post more!

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michau said...

First i thought that was the office you worked in Mitte, hehe. Congrats for finishing. We're also just finishing with Adam and friends small competition based in London/Thames.

Plus, some relation from Budapest will follow, maybe this, maybe next evening.

Hugs ppl!