Monday, 30 July 2007

I forgot to delete the test posting. nevermind.

I am in now! Including some 'other circumstances' everything went fine.

My flight from Berlin to Tel Aviv was booked over. El Al offered me to fly in the evening via Vienna.
But as it always comes I landed in Warsaw (will never forget how to write it, Michau)
The carrier spend a night at the ***** Marriott Warsaw. Superb!
I took a bath, a very short walk, some drinks with funny business men (Italian, Belgian and English), said to Swedish people that they look like Finns and finally slept with my 6 pillows in a king size bed.
Today in the morning after an excellent breakfast I continued.

In Berlin and Warsaw I had both times 40 min interviews because they thought I might blast the plane. Actually they got me close to that point. In Warsaw the Airport also was evacuated for 30 mins because someone left his luggage....

Finally I am here and learnt for life:

-EL AL is a very good carrier but the check in should be called torture.
- Israelis are a large family
-A beer + a wine (Australian) in the Panorama Bar cost 76 Zloty + 14 Zloty Service fee (what the hell is that?)
-Internet is very special in Poland - they charging € 5.- per 15 mins or 20.- per day
-Chopin Vodka is much milder as Belvedere
-English people are noise and only keen on whores but generous (the vodkas)
-Tel Aviv is very very hot and the dorms here a lousy
- You always will be checked by entering a supermarket

and finally ...I haven't seen so much right now but it's dusty.

The pics:

it's leaving without me
Best Polish Dinner
Cultural Palace at 6 am
5 Star hang over
Warsaw evacuatzije (?)

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michau said...

So let Tel Aviv be with you! Have great time there and bring lots of photos ;)