Tuesday, 17 July 2007

You MELT! my heart - Rhythm is a dancer

Ladies and gens.

Newsflash newsflash!

First of all, it's time to tell you that... I booked my flights to our beloved Tampere! Yeah, in the end of August I will have some holidays in beautiful Suomi. I heard about balconies in Mikontalo so I cannot resist and have to convince myself.
I will even have a stop in Riga, so who knows, maybe there will be some time for a coffee with Ilva?

The second thing: mosquito spray is sold out in Potsdam. Very annoying.

Number three: At the weekend I attended the second day of the wonderful Melt! Festival. Not only the lineup (highlights: Hot Chip, Polarkreis 18, Jan Delay and so many more... including SNAP! Rhythm is a dancer! Yeehaaa!) but also the festival site is just stunning. It takes place in Ferropolis - iron city - which is a closed industrial site. Cranes and conveyers everywhere, and the stages inbetween.
Concerts until 7 in the morning, crazy light effects and fireworks.

Unfortunately I don't have a camera.
BUT. Torsten (yes, the one some of you already know from Bergen) was my saviour and took some great photos.
Watch and enjoy.

The view from the camping site...
Swimming in the lake -actually a querry pond- was not a too bad thing considering the temperatures...

Part of the party.

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one bottle Minttu please, m'am!