Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Official Announcement

To all the great people who are living SO far away (as well as those ones who are living near... of course)!

This email is for all of you who have always wanted to visit great cities, have fancy parties and meet beautiful people again...

I was told to invite all the people I like and so... here you are.

The reason for this: We - my 3 flatmates and me - will have a big flat party on Saturday, August 11th.

The occasion: there is always some reason to have a party! But this time we found a really good one: after 2 out of us 4 spent one year abroad, we are finally reunited. Besides, it's my birthday soon.

Experience tells that those parties are usually the best in town :) And what is a good party without you guys?

So, all of you who have always wanted to see Berlin/Potsdam (of course you will have the best guide you can imagine), who want to have short holidays in Germany (where the sun is always shining...) should think about coming. Of course I can offer you some place to sleep for some nights.

I am sure RyanAir & Co would love to help you!

And yes, this email is meant seriously, so don't hesitate to really think about it...

Nähdään kohta!


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