Sunday, 21 October 2007

Dehors Paris#1! coming too

Hi people
Finally time to tell why I've been absent so long. Last Wednesday my job took an end with the opening of the exhibition I was in charge of since mid-July, still in the same office.
The theme was 'Outside Paris', that means showing projects that had been made in the region around Paris, nothing inside Paris itself. A bit of everything is being shown : projects that were realised since the 50's, and more recent projects that are to be built or that had lost in a competition but were worth being shown for their 'punch', provocation or fun.
All in all, some 100 were shown, merely by models and pictures, just enough text to understand who/what/where etc.
It had been my task to imagine the scenography, knowing that we'd have to settle it up ourselves (that mean zero budget exhibition), and this is how it comes out:

building it up, three days of intensive stress and no sleep as i also had to manage the people, the materials, the deliveries and dealing with some models that cost around 20000€... the grey stuff is styrofoam, for that you may wonder ;]
The place was before a convent, then a squat during years and years and now is the "Maison de l'Architecture de l'Ile-de-France"= house of architecture for the Parisian region.

well, time to start the studies again. More news coming in time...


hellgruen said...

Yay! Cool!

ptr said...

wow wow wow. looks great!
keep the grey foam, it's expensive and very good for urban models.

michau said...

Definitely well done!

But now, take a rest Luc. Could you? ;]