Monday, 1 October 2007

marie is not dead :)

Hey great people !!!

A long time ago I didn't give any news to anyone of you... Or I didn't get how the blog system is working :) Here I am. I spent a nice summer in Belgium. Holidays rythm was so sweet… I built again my life here… I went ten days on holidays with my friends in west France, 3 crazy days in Italy with Brice, Silvere and Giacomo and Giulio.

I started again school on September 17th, and since this time, I didn’t do anything except working on school stuffs, on my thesis, meeting with my boyfriend, eating and sleeping sometimes, and crossing sometimes my family in the stairs!!! I don’t regret my sleepy life in Tampere caus’ what I’m learning at school is much more interesting; but I’m missing all of you, and the free time I had. Ok, I’m missing the parties also, the snow, Mikontalo but as Marie said … not our pets! I’m afraid I won’t have time for any trip to Germany, France or Poland this year; or maybe after my thesis deadline at the end of January… Maybe! I hope!

School works are really enormous but all interessants. In the last year, they teach you all the good things to know to practice architecture in reality, in an office, with pressure and so on… I enjoy the reality of our theoretical courses.
In the workshop of architecture, we started a project in my city about the relationship between the river and the city. We can plan anything we want, like if we wanted to be elected by the inhabitants for a revolutionary idea to become parliament’s member or even minister! It means we have to find THE good idea to make the population living in contact with its river… It’s really nice. At the end, we’ll have to sell our idea to the jury as a marketing audience with an advertising poster...

This project is like a kind of premise for the international contest in Porto we’re going to participate at the second half of the year. We’re going to Porto 4 days in December, with my workshop, to visit the city and especially the site of the project. We’re going to work in groups of 4 people. I’m delighted about it. It’s also along the river that the project is gonna happen…

My last year is gonna past so quick… I’ve got two years of internship to make after my studies to be registered as an architect in my country. I could make my internship abroad but… it’s never easy to quit all and to come back after, building everything again… But maybe in the Flemish part of my country, in Brussel or in Maastricht (Netherlands).

Anyway, I don’t know yet if I’m starting my intership next year… BUH! I think I’ll maybe make a kind of complementary formation of one or two years. I wanna learn to speak Dutch quickly.

... I would like to explain you all this, of what I’m doing with pictures and pictures, but my camera is in a so bad state that I’m waiting to get the money to buy a new one soon!!! I’ve got here some pictures I got from a friend from the festival in my city we went at the beginning of July!

I discovered nice bands like Aaron, and watch concerts of Olivia Ruiz, Hooverphonic, Cassius, Ghinzu... I'd have liked to share this weekend with you!Here are some pictures of the concerts, of my friends… I went also one day to the Dour festival of music in west Belgium. I watch the concerts of Justice, Uffie, etc… But no pictures…

Hope to see you soon on Skype! Or better, in reality…

Greetings from the rainy country, really rainy rainy rainy at the moment!


m a r i e.

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michau said...

Good to read from you at last ;]