Friday, 12 October 2007

last summer pics

here we go with some last impressions from Israel. they seem to be happened years ago but I try to give some information.
me and some other Germans went 5 days from, border to border. from the very north to the south.
we just realised that Israel is a small country.

hard to define a conclusion for the hole trip. the country definitely is worth it to visit. Seeing Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and some places at countryside makes you realising how strange the situation is down there. unique places with unique feeling but they are drawn together somehow, because they need to. It's Israel the state of the Jews.
I loved being there and to get to know a place we only know from TV.

this is not the last good bye. I guess.

next to the Lebanese border. We were swimming in 5m waves till the sun set.

the Golan Heights. between mine fields and weird soldiers some high falls. 
the street to the Dead Sea. 400m below the sea level.

Dead Sea: weird guy who could realise how it works. but don't get the water into the eyes!


michau said...

Have you been shouting Ouch!Ouch! when entering water?

ptr said...

actually I did =) You see the stones there?