Thursday, 18 October 2007

Ich trink Ouzo, was machst du so?

Ahoi from Germany!

I am right now killing time in the LEI-Office, waiting for my next lecture to start in 40 minutes. This part of university is not even in Potsdam but in GOLM which, spoken aloud, reminds very much of Gollum, this ugly little creature of Lord of the Rings, and who has ever been to Golm knows why.
But that's actually not what I wanted to say.

So, university has started again finally even for me (yeah... didn't have any course for ages it seems) and if my motivation stays like it is at the moment it seems to be a very busy semester. Right now I am planning to take courses covering around 30 SWS (which is about 45 ECTS), that's probably not what you expected knowing me - well, ask me again in two weeks... :] In addition to this I'd like to do more sports, namely badminton, ultimate and swimming AND as already mentioned before I am now working voluntarily for this LEI which is part of the Erasmus network. (And, uh, my work in Berlin still. Hmhm.) Sounds like a lot to do, but let's see how it's working out... Most of it is certainly worth putting the effort into it.

Still... Being back home at university is now a bit strange. I am sitting in the same lecture rooms as 1.5 years ago, I've got the same lecturers, I'm meeting the same (and also a lot of new) people - and it feels strange because I become aware that I spent my last year somewhere completely else. Hey, the lecture rooms had padded seats back there in Suomi! And still Finland is popping up all the time. Sometimes I catch myself watching out f the window during the lecture wondering if I should pass by at Taps after it.

I have already told you that I'm a tutor for the international students this year, Michal even already knows some of my kids :] What should I say, of course I got the BEST ones! They are really great, the first few days meant a lot of bureaucratic stuff for us, but nevertheless we also spent a very nice time together so far (I'll show you some photos when I'm at my own beloved computer). And I am SO proud of them because after only a few weeks in Germany they are all able to unerstand and speak a proper deutsch. Nice. Wish it would have been like that for me. Sigh.

Okay. This was just a short update. More coming soon. Have to go to my course now. Yeah this computer here in the office is even slower than mine at home. You all know what that means.

A+ dans le bus!
A bientot dans le metro!


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