Sunday, 3 August 2008

World's best joke

Ok now! I found the best joke on EARTH and I just have to share.
Sorry for mistakes, it was translated quickly :)
Here you go (and no stupid remarks, it's SO FUNNY!):

Three men are walking through the forest when suddenly SWOOOSH a fairy appears. With her angel voice she says: "Today it's the luckiest day of your life. Each one of you can make three wishes."
The guys are happy and the first of them immediately says: "I wish I'd have a tropical island just for myself. Of course with springs and forests with animals I can hunt when I want to have some adventures, with the best and sweetest fruits there are." - wish come true.
The second one: "I'd like to have an even more beautiful island. With more animals, more springs and better fruits!" - bling, wish come true.
The third one: "I'd like my right arm to move up and down nonstop." - The fairy scratches her head but his wish is her command, so she makes that wish come true.

"So now your 2nd wish", says the fairy.
The first guy says "Ok now I'd like to have a wife. Not just ANY wife but the most beautiful wife I can imagine. Of course with big, well-shaped boobs, a beautiful face, an ass, legs.... you know what I mean." - The fairy nods and -bling - wish come true.
The second one: "I'd like to have an even MORE beautiful wife. With better boobs, legs,..." -bling, wish come true.
The third one says "Ok now I want my left arm to circle around." The fairy is a bit surprised again, but doesn't say anything and BLING makes this wish come true as well.

"Now this is your third and last wish", says the fairy.
The first one answers "I would like to have a luxory life for me and my wife: a big villa with a swimming pool, money, cars and more money than I can spend." -bling - wish come true.
The second one: "My life should even be better. More money, faster cars, a bigger house..." -bling...
The third guy says, "I want my head to nod back and forth." The fairy clears her throat but keeps her remarks and makes this wish come true as well.

Years later those three friends meet again to talk about their happy life. The first one: "Guys you won't believe how great that is. I've got the greatest house there is, don't pay taxes on anything on my island, live in unbelievable luxury, have all that I can wish for and love a wonderful woman!"
The second one just laughs and sais "Well my life is at least as good as yours. I've got an even better house, don't know where to put my money and my girl is a godess."
The third one says, his arm moving, circling and his head nodding "Guys.... somehow I think my wishes were quite bullshit."


michau said...

haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa

hellgruen said...

IT IS FUNNY!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr

michau said...

Where did i say it's not?

Eh, women, always searching for hidden meaning...

iammacio said...

you can see it coming from the start that the last man gonna turn out bad. but nice try;]