Sunday, 17 August 2008

what is the rude guy doin in his holidays?

he became
a DJ
a member of myspace
a guy that doesn't sleep before 4am at the weekends.
he is visting exhibitions in Berlin an trying to organise one
he layouting a book for the chair of housing design (BIG BUCKS)
he shows his ass for a sustainable future
he is waiting for a consent of the ETH Zurich to help curating the Rotterdam Architecture Biennale 2009
he is kinda taking a break from architecture and discovers the world around.

Lüc, your Diploma is great. Very senseful and  conclusive and sensitive. The topic is acually the future for architects in Europe. New, Old and sth between. 
I also like the graphic pretty much , 98% are d'accord =P
I hope will work together later in our lifes. You are the first who finished. I guess I will be the last.
Bonne chance!


michau said...

White ass!!!

luc_ said...

thanks for your point of view on this work, source of the hugest amount of doubts i ever had to face... but it's part of the job as you know :]
hope to hear from your diploma as well! But take your time, i see you got plenty of great plans for now.
Next time we work together, be sure there'll be a bottle of vodka to help us, héhé