Sunday, 24 August 2008

Funny, in a good way

Back from my holidays in Southern Europe... and brought some impressions.










[1]: memorial for the victims of the 56 revolution. and some tourists who need to hide anywhere possible.

[2]: Budapest streets. Budapest host.

[3]+[4]: preparations for square metre drinking of hell. the cups were completely empty some hours later and all of us were quite happy (not the day after though).

[5]: Buda and Pest from above.

[6]: not the end!

[7]: I am doing QUITE well in getting an orientation of Budapest. Quite!

[8]: Sziget 2008: one free ticket, some GREAT free bands, some cheap beer. Adam made me discover that great Hungarian band called Erik Sumo. I brought you one song to get into them. Click n enjoy (see above, "music")!

[9]: Hungarian bottle opener

Altogether... Thanks again for some wunderbare days and nights in the city of free public transport, it was so great with you! Rather sooner than later I'll be back for having breakfast on the windowsills, lunch in the park and beer on the roof. And more Pálinka. Szimpla I don't really need, we have it here although I doubted it (so sorry!) :]
Say szia to people I met and give the ticket controller a hug (I see them ANYWHERE in Berlin now although I've got a valid ticket... brrr)!

Was good, in a funny way!


ádám said...

it was, it was... ;)

Michal said...

Beautiful time, even if i was just partially there.