Friday, 8 August 2008

[space invader]* boards!

this is just a part of the prints we displayed (it was more than 14m. long, héhé)
imagine it side by side


michau said...

it's fucking awesome!
I love the graphics. Hehe, just i didn't know that the prevoius posts on the design were actually about the diploma.

Plus space invaders and inspiration on Truth - a polish street artist (and actually architecture student), all that makes it in my opinion really good job!

And i need that glasses too!

hellgruen said...

Whow that looks, hm, beautiful! :]

Congratulations Mister Architect!

peterkronavetter said...

made me impatient about starting my diploma...
g.r.e.a.t. i really like the way it 'touches' the ground (complexity of communication maybe)
magic glasses always work well, don't worry and congratulations of course :)