Friday, 23 January 2009

Truskawkowe pola na zawsze. I met HIM.

Well yeah.
I'd like to comment on your posts but my speech centre is still out of order.
As michau mentiones, yeah, I met him.
Today at work (did I tell you? I'm working for Berlin television) I went to eat at the tv station's cafeteria, and uh, he was sitting at the table right next to mine.


I can tell you I almost fainted when I noticed that ROMAN POLANSKI was eating right next to me. He was eating peas and some stuff I think.
HE!!! was EATING!!! right NEXT!!! to ME!!! eating PEAS!!!

Ok ok. I told you I spoke to him.

The truth is: I tried to. As I mentioned, my speech centre shrunk to the size of a nut when he left the table and I said:

and then I tried to articulate myself properly and I said


and it worked when I tried for the third time, saying "Excuse me but is it possible I am MIXING YOU UP WITH SOMEONE"

and he answered "PROBABLY"

and that was the point I noticed he was not in the mood for any conversation.

He left and I tried to continue my meal. I must admit I wasn't able to. I had to throw it away after a while.

I wasn't able to speak proper German for the next couple of hours.

I have spoken to Roman Polanski.
Now I am waiting for my grandchildren to tell them.

Good night.


Anonymous said...

I had a chat with his wife once... I think I just owned you, Marie.

michau said...

No idea who said that, but i'd prefer talking to Emanuelle than to Him as well ;)