Thursday, 22 January 2009


Dear friends,
been quite busy recently, but finally coming back with some news.

First of all, great thanks to Marie for providing us shelter during New Years Eve and some unforgettable memories AGAIN ;) (Believe me, Marie even paid with her health for that. Hope your fine already!)

Thanks to Denis, for moving to Berlin for this occasion, having some good Tampere-like time.

Thanks to Mr.Curator Flower, for having superb breakfast with us. Was short, but was cool and good to see you again. Best wishes for the final (most important ;] ) months of preapartions.

I'm working quite a lot at the moment (surprise surprise, but still not as much as Luc, dammit) on some commercial commissions, own house and the very last submissions at university. After that there's only diploma waiting in front of me.
But there as some moments, like yesterday, that make you feel good and keep you going on. Okay, i'll give you a hint of what happened. Recently there's been a competiton for a new theater in Warsaw, quite important thing. It was said that sth like 160 ffices were interested (from Poland and abroad as well) and finally 120 submitted work for the first phase (who passed the first phase was among 10 teams to join the final part and fight for winning entry and huge loads of money). And we (I and my friend) passed it. We're among those 10 teams to submit final drawings until the end of march (and we already won some money ;) ).

Of course as it comes to such big competitions, only regular architectural offices can tak part, so we had to have an architect on board. And that was one of our teachers, that have seen the final design just after we've sent it :D Of course now, he'll be included in the design process, i think ;)

Hope you're doing good as well friends!

SprMarie, any new twins?
MarieCherie, how's the house design?
Adam, how's the diploma? (and what about Peti's?)
Peter, i guess that if there's already a group on fb, that means that biennale will actually happen :D
Luc, any news from you?


michau said...


pics will follow when competiton is finished, cause it's still confidential.

But anyway, that's nothing, cause Marie talked today to Roman Polański, right? ;)

hellgruen said...


Ok I am starting being able to THINK again.

Sounds great! I am so proud of you.
(And my way of walking still looks funny but I don't need the crutches anymore.)

hellgruen said...


lisuomi said...

aaaaa! that's why you had a 'o kuerwa!' status on gmail?! :D congratulations!

michau said...

Yeah, twins - like those black and white ones which visited your studio :)

Right Mike, that was the reason! ;]