Saturday, 3 January 2009


Hello my dear ones,
as some of you might have heard, I spent the first few days of this new year mainly in bed since I am kind of, let's say, immobile. Just one of my feet is doing its proper job, but don't worry it sounds worse than it is, my new crutches are beautiful (aren't they??!) and I should be able to walk properly on one of the next days.
However I've had plenty of time to do something for university and I found something really cool that might show you what computational linguistics (remember? that's the thing I study) also is about, haha.
This toy is about synthetic speech which means you can enter any text (choose the language from the scrolldown menu, there's quite some large choice) either into one of the greeting card shells or here (there's a wider range of voices) and your text will be automatically spoken.
Works quite well even for more difficult words and languages!

Maybe you'd also like to play (well, shoot some bunnies that is!) with the squid alien or create your own cartoon.
Or maybe you don't find this as impressive as I do.
But I had a lot of fun with it today...

(My next task is now to find information about implementing different dialects and emotions into synthetic speech. Sounds interesting.)

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