Tuesday, 14 August 2007


sziget 2007 (island, music festival, 7 days)
this years special offer for the 4th day:

tickets even more expensive than last year - not the fake ones ;)
rain, rain rain - was no problem for the strange french guy
kispál és a borz (smallpaul and the badger) - still the best
nine inch nails
fröccs (a jó lovas katonának... remember?) - in a quantity never experienced before
a new photo in the hangover gallery


michau said...

Seems like a good festival ;) I'm just in front of smaller one, but with Architecture in Helsinki!

ptr said...

george is back! in public toilet? uuhh.
let's go outside in the sunshine.

what is he doin on the 1st picture? it's incredible.

peterkronavetter said...

because of the rain, there were huge lakes (or swamps) all over the island. they were trying to solve the problem, with suction-pump-trucks. yeah, and the guy is not a rude boy, so he just wanted to piss directly and politely into the pipe... security guards were shooting photos as well :)

ptr said...

so he's definitely not belgian...

luc_ said...

it was worth wondering, yup... but belgian or not, was it a naked festival or the poor guy just got robbed his clothes?
anyway, looks like you had a big time, George!