Thursday, 9 August 2007

We'll drink till we start to see lovely pink elephants

Yeah people.
You might think I'm only partying and drinking here. No I'm not! I'm also working, studying and sleeping.
However I have to support this impression now.

← THIS is what those of you who don't WANT to visit me this weekend will miss!

Well at first sight it just looks like the cheapest bottle of vodka.
But at second sight (or rather taste) it's even worse! It is... tadaaa... home made Fisu! (Description here, last paragraph, unfortunately in Finnish only... hehe.)

And I have to tell you... It tastes just as crappy as it is supposed to be (of course I have already checked), superperfect!
So now I hope each single one of you is jealous and I can understand it.

Oh, one more thing: I just discovered a website with Finnish jokes, unfortunately in German only. My favourite political incorrect joke about the land of cider:
What is the Swedish war flag looking like?
-White cross on white background.

Okay, some more small news will follow. Now I have to prepare the flat for two important visitors from abroad (Austria and Bavaria) who will arrive this night.



michau said...

It's cold at least i see ;)

Ps.I STILL have two bottles of Salmiakki.

luc_ said...

keep the salmiakki as it is,it's more valuable than drinkable ;]