Saturday, 11 August 2007

Yafo - Jaffa

Yesterday the whole Israeli trainee crew came to Tel Aviv. Together we visited Jaffa the oldest habour on earth. Here Jews and Muslims livin peaceful together in a kind of renovated, overpriced Disneyland. It also was Shabbat thus the streets were orphaned. Some impressions. Nothin to miss, just you fellows. I can't get rid of illusion that discovering the city with you approved discoverers would be 1000 times more impressive.
Stay like you are and you wont destroy my illusion.

In real:

Tel Aviv
St. Peter of Jaffa
Smile Like You Mean it!
Tent Hostel over the Roofs ( A Shisha after 2 years break!)

*Bonus: Jellyfish! Peterle Yellowbutterle


michau said...

You must have had a lot of sand in your ears ;)

luc_ said...

what?!! you smoking?!!