Saturday, 1 September 2007

1st of all some pic of my work here. the model, in that I'm right now cutting streets (my heart is breaking)
and my desk. about the other project I will talk later. not sure if I'm allowed now (high-tech!).

*home is where the turm is.

a small arch exhibition. unfortunatelly in hebrew. but located in a very nice bookstore

we found a nice bar here in TLV. 'Suzanna' a roof top open air bar with very good coctails. on the pic is jannette. we studied the 1st years together in Dresden. she's now in Berlin and we met here accidentally, couse she's workin here, too. what a small world.

yesterday we went to Akko. partly with Sheruts, kinda service cabs, where passengers give the money from hand to hand to driver. you meet the world in there. some from Uruguay, Palistinian medicine students from Bochum, GER and so on. just be funny, laugh a lot and let it go with you.
Akko is a small Arabic town near Haifa on a reef. narrow alleys, strange smells and totally not Israel. reminded me to Cairo.

scroll and see!

extra scroll stuff from my mobile!
°German insider: Tokio Hotel at position 1 in the Israeli Charts. That's what I call Stupid.
°I still don't like the flowers
°just do it!


michau said...

Cool model. But where's the building? :D
Definitely from your trip i like most street pictures. Seems great!

hellgruen said...

Yeah, Tokio Hotel even in English. People down there seem to know what's good.

I bought some 50%-Minttu for you, Honey!

hellgruen said...

And michau, I'm waiting for the two entries. You still have some time left - I'll be back by Wednesday afternoon.

hellgruen said...

Spam no 1000: Whow, you've got the nice Berlin postcard in your office!

michau said...

No, it was your turn to post two posts. I don't have photos :P And you stil have to write sth about Puola ja Suomi :P

hellgruen said...

Grrr. Misunderstood you and was waiting and waiting and waiting for the entries.
Yeah, will come soon. Stay tuned.