Sunday, 23 September 2007

mtv cribbs

So finally i moved to Łódź, to my real urban flat at last. When it's still warm, it's okay, but we'll see during winter ;]

And city welcomed us with a concert of Irish drummers. 20m from our flat.


ptr said...

looks nice.
especially the 2007er ecologic heating is it called?

have fun there and prepare for a visit next year!

hellgruen said...


(And michau, be prepared for surprising visitors!)

michau said...

Hehe. You don't know all fact in that ceramic heater. Actually it's stuffed with electric spirals which heat it, so no co2 pollution, hehe.

So, as you see, you're warmly welcome, but for your own safety, better come in warm period ;]

ádám said...

you shouldn't complain with such a heater :) and nice mercedes, when did you buy it?

ptr said...

buy - bought? I guess it flew over the border...right from the truck.