Sunday, 23 September 2007

I wont ride my bicycle again

shalom shlomo!
I have to admit that I'm very lucky with my working term here. every bunch of days the period is interrupted by some holidays. this Fri, Sat was Jom Kippur as I previously wrote. the none+ultra holiday for Jews. absolutely everything sleeps then and going by vehicles is prohibited.
we took the chance and rode some bikes through the kids flooded streets. it was a kind of strange atmosphere. the city that never sleeps (too) was so quiet. just little kids, skaters, boarders and pedestrians were walking in the streets and highways. like an apocalytic scene but friendly in the feeling. the switched iPod would have destroyed all this wonderful seconds of silence. therefore it slept, too. Jom Kippur lasts 25 h from Friday 5pm to Sat 6pm.
yesterdays after 8, TLV was quite the same like every Sat. Why couldn't this last forever?
Me for myself vote for some vehicle free Sundays in Germany now!

actually nothing to see. but I need to tell the dirty story behind this wonderful riding. it's israel! it can't go the normal way!
we were supposed to bring the enormous number of 7 bikes back today. fine, no problem but some of the group just locked them yesterday nite next to the store, cause they travelled today. I did not, because my feeling said that's 'too hot'.
so I decided to bring my bike back today with Paul another German. We were appointed but he didn't appear. my mobile was down and the charger in the office and that is miles away. finally I found him telling me that he lost the key for the bikes. humm. punch. but the second key will be avaible at noon and we will bring in the bikes in the afternoon. okay, office first and later the bikes... meanwhile Paul broke another key while trying to open the lock with the missing key. 2nd punch.
at work the rental guy called. the others locked the bikes to a tree and thats not allowed. some fees impending. he needs the keys I had with me. urgent of course. I decided to send them with a messenger. little roller boys that seem to be quick. from time to time the guy called me. the keys, keys. I said, the messenger is on the way.
after 2h I got very nervous and decided to drive home. and the keys still didn't arrive after 3h. finally he got it after 3.5h (est. distance 5 km). 5 of 7 bikes now are save at the shop. level 1 accomplished.
now at home I'm still waiting for the alternate key for the remaining 2 bikes next to me. I hope this nightmare will end soon and I probably will be able to enjoy the opening of the 1st Herzliya Biennial for Contempory Art * later this afternoon. Later this week will rent a car...har har.

*and if this website isn't workin. it never did. update: it works with the famous and beloved internet explorer, but not with the crappy firefox, neither the sh*tt* safari. my fault.

I enjoy my time here and still like Israel,
I enjoy my time here and still like Israel, I enjoy my time here and still like Israel, I enjoy my time here and still like Israel...


michau said...

I really would like to see city without any engines working. Just smooth bike or so...

Oren said...

Come check out my pictures of the Herzliya Biennial.