Saturday, 8 September 2007

My new toy pt. 2

Well well. I must admit it's not too easy just going on writing some crap after Flower's last post. Feels strange.
However, I'm doing that now. The reason is: I've got a new toy. A scanner! No, actually it's not my own but at least it will be for the next 10 months. Of course I already spent some hours on scanning everything I could get (hey, it can even do negatives! at least as soon as I find out how) and as I was sitting there, drinking my third cup of espresso out of this fancy iittala-cup checking my room for the next victim, I remembered I promised my lovely Mikontalo-mates to send them the map you might also remember...

It's just the result of the first try. You might notice that :] If you're interested in a better one just tell me and I'll try once again. Also, I've got the map in a much higher resolution on my computer, tell me if you wanna have it (7 MB).

That's all for now. Suomi and Polska-reports will follow as well as some more results of my first attempts of working with a scanner, hehe.

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i really really feel offended