Saturday, 8 September 2007

the holiest place on earth.

the Mountain of Rock. the place where the world was created. nowadays the acess is restricted to tourists and Muslims because it's a holy islamic place. to prevent riots Jews better don't go there. as I heard Jews shouldn't go there also, because no one is holy enough anymore to have the right to be there. or sth like that, the highest rabbis decided.
former PM Ariel Sharon in 2000 thought it would be a good sight for livin' together with the Palestinians and went up there. of course it belongs to both religions... but some didn't agree and the 2nd Intifada started. Some say because Sharon some deny...
you see everything is totally complicated. in whole Jeruslaem. 3 religions clashing into one place. I don't like the atmosphere there. it's like under tension on every corner.
feels always good to ride back to sin city at the beach where cafés are the religion. holy shit look at this cake!

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