Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Berlin, du bist so wunderbar

Just some impressions of good things and my favourite scary S-Bahn station.

The one and only.

[Just a bit of playing with my new scanner... Not too satisfied with the results yet, but it's a start.]


hellgruen said...

Could anybody tell me why Blogger is ALWAYS messing this photo stuff up? Tsssss. It's DISGUSTING!

ptr said...

best thing to do:

1.transmit the pictures backwards without a certain layout, so you will have the right order.
2.use font size small an no spaces between pics and text
3. wanna write more- go above all pics and just type type type.

(best germenglish: write it behind your ears little miss sunshine, I wont repeat me!)

ádám said...

there was a film on hungarian television, it was a catastrophe-movie, the berlin tv-turm got fire and people died and escaped as usual :)

ptr said...

people died and escaped? in a coffin?

michau said...

It's really great fun to read all this!

Fernsehturm und alles klar! ;)

hellgruen said...

Fun? This is SERIOUS!
Has anybody seen Luc recently? LÜHÜÜÜÜÜC!